Rejected TPD Claims

Has your TPD claim been denied?

If you lodged your own TPD claim or used a lawyer and the insurer or super fund denied your total permanent disability (TPD), don't give up. Firths have helped thousands of clients achieve successful outcomes after being rejected by their TPD insurer even after other solicitors have given up!

If you used a lawyer to lodge your TPD claim and it’s been rejected, they may not be specialist TPD lawyers and don’t have the expertise in successfully litigating and resolving TPD claims. If your lawyer advised you that there are no other options or you’re not happy with how they have handled your claim, call our expert TPD lawyers for a second opinion.

Have you had the run-around with your rejected TPD claim?

You’ve most likely had to obtain at least one medical report confirming that your injury or illness is preventing you from working. You may have obtained a statement from your employer confirming the circumstances that stopped you working. You’ve also probably been asked to provide your tax returns, Medicare and pharmaceutical benefit records and you may have been under surveillance.

The TPD insurers may have arranged one of their “independent doctors” to see you and most probably a rehabilitation specialist employed by the super fund or insurer who quizzed you about your capacity to return to work.

Even after all these hoops, you receive a letter advising you that you that your TPD claim is declined.  You may feel it’s been a total waste of time and energy and feel like giving up. Don’t give up, you may still have a valid claim. Firths understand your frustration and provide you a free TPD claim consultation, where you will be provided expert advice on your rejected TPD claim and find out if it’s worth fighting for.

Read our Google reviews and client testimonials and see how we have successfully help clients with rejected TPD claims achieve outstanding results, after they had given up all hope.

If we believe your TPD claim is worth fighting for we can act on a fixed fee No Win No Fee basis, where we make no charge until the end of the case and then only if successful and then only from the result.

Call firths the TPD experts on 1800 631 888 and arrange for a free rejected TPD claim review. What do you have to lose?



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