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When I first contacted the team at firths I was not sure what to expect. I was desperate with homelessness looming again because of the symptoms of my bi polar. I was no longer able to work as a nurse because my moods had become unpredictable and my judgement was greatly impaired. I had been living on a disability pension for several years. 

After 1 phonecall the team went to work on my behalf. They secured funds for me from the total and permanent disability insurance on my super and from the income protection insurance also attached to my super. They found a super fund i did not know i had and secured a substantial pay out on this fund. Through their efforts i am now in a finacial position to secure a home for myself, something I thought I would never be able to do in this life time.

Every step of the way the team made it easy for me to participate in their process despite having no fixed address. They provided administrative support, stayed in regular contact and kept me up to date with their progress. They remained at all times highly professional and extremely respecteful of me and personal circumstances. 

Firths is professional and transparent in thier actions. I would encourage everyone to call and make an inquiry with them. With their no win no fee policy you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and with their sucess rate of 99% you have a very high probability of a win in your favour. 

Calling Firths was the single smartest decision I have made in my lifetime. It has changed everything for me. If you are reading this and you are unsure of what to do next, just pick up the phone and make an inquiry. Like me they may secure a future for you beyond your imaginings. 

- Vfrobertson

To whom this May Concern, I am writing this to let you know that Firth’s did a fantastic job in representing me during my IP and TPD claim. Specifically my thanks go to Julien, Isabella, and Brianna!

This process is one which is extremely difficult, and one where the banks know they have money and time on their hands. Our case was 99% proven and yet we were denied repeatedly over a 4 year period. We had 7 doctors and over 1200 pages of reports, assessments, and other proof backing my claim.

With every bit of proof we proffered we were again allayed by further requests for me to see more, and more of “their” own specialists and at every turn the bank/super fund made the visits as difficult as possible both physically and psychologically. Yet we persevered.

What made this process bearable is that Firth’s team (especially Julien, Isabella, and Brianna) ensured we were able to meet telephonically to discuss issues, explain legalities, and review new information as it became available.

This past November/December (after 4 years we were ready to go to court enough was enough) Julien, and Isabella wrote a final statement of facts arguing every single ridiculous issue the bank/super fund had tried to state as a reason for denial. It was a beautiful document many pages long, that after reading it I could only find two very minor was so perfect in fact that it reminded me of many things I had forgotten, and made me realise that this document would definitely be something I was going to take to court (I truly believed that the bank would ignore it like so many other previous letters, statements, communications)...and what happened? On the 13th day they cried “uncle” and Firth’s was contacted letting them know they were paying the claim!

I truly believe that once the bank/super fund saw this last signed statement with everything laid out, with reference to their own doctor’s improper evaluations, with one of their own doctors even stating without a doubt I am tpd they knew they had lost and if it went to court they were sure to lose and would end up paying hundreds of thousands more in fees, interest, and other expenses.

I know to anyone reading this that the worry about costs, fees, and everything involved is a concern...I’m here to tell you that as long as you are open and honest, and that you document everything and provide it to Firth’s team...they will fight for you. Just understand that this process can and most likely will take years of your life...the banks/super funds/insurance companies look at you like a number that hurts their mean nothing to them...but at Firth’s (especially Isabella, Julien, and Brianna)they will treat you like a person, one in need of help.

I highly recommend Firth’s to anyone in need of help regarding TPD or IP claims! They are truly awesome! Sincere Regards

S. Davis

- S Davis

My name is Glen & I would like to leave a review about the legal representation I had following a motorbike accident 3 years ago. This review I think has a dual purpose-
firstly I would like to think it would help anyone unfortunate enough to be injured to select legal representation confidently, &
secondly, to comment on the wonderful treatment received from Firths The Compensation Lawyers.
My wife & myself have had the privilege of being represented by Firths for the past 3 years following a motorbike accident which left me with multiple trauma resulting in some permanent disabilities.
In the beginning Stephen Firth came to my home after I was discharged from hospital to introduce himself & explain the process of legal representation I was about to begin.
From that first day I knew I had made the right decision.
Over the course of the next 3 years Stephen & his legal team stuck by me every step of the way. Any questions my wife or myself had were quickly & competently answered, as Stephen & his team were only a phone call away.
We have never been involved in this sort of legal work before & subsequently were apprehensive & nervous about how or what to do. The team at Firths always showed compassion & understanding when we rang, keeping us informed of every development. Customer service here was excellent & I cannot fault the treatment & advice given to us.
During the final stages of my case, Stephen Firth negotiated on my behalf with the insurer. His experience & professionalism at this critical time shone through & achieved a result for me, that my wife & myself are still in awe of.
Again, I would like to say that anyone contemplating legal representation, in my opinion, could do no better than have Firths legal team represent them, based on their customer service & achieving the best result possible makes this choice easy.
I have no negative criticisms at all about Firths.
I hope this review of Firths The Compensation Lawyers helps anyone in need of such services.
All the best,

- Glen