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Finding the best NSW Compensation Lawyer

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  • 18 Jan 2019

The amount you receive will not only be on your claim but the calibre of compensation lawyer you choose. So how do you find the best compensation lawyer in Sydney?

You need a compensation lawyer that has the best track record, specialises in compensation claims and one that has excellent client testimonials and google reviews from their clients, to verify their claims. Nearly all NSW compensation lawyers claim they are the best, so validation from previous clients is the first step in your selection. When you search on Google for ‘compensation lawyers” you will find hundreds of results, most are paid ads competing against each other. The difficult part is working out who is the best compensation lawyer in Sydney.

Here are some tips to help you find the best compensation lawyers in Sydney.

  1. Client testimonials and Google reviews are the best place to start. The best compensation lawyers should have a significant number of Google reviews for you to read. If they don’t, they most probably don’t have many happy clients. When you search on Google you will most likely see many NSW compensation lawyers with 5-star reviews, but they will only have one or two reviews. This really isn’t enough of a sample to really find out what previous client think of them. You should look for compensation firm with at least 40 Google reviews. The star rating is important as it provides a guide to previous client experiences, but no business is perfect, so a 5-star rating is not always achievable.
  2. In the past the location of the compensation lawyer was very important, but now with phone, video conferencing, email, electronic signatures and sms the requirement for face to face consultations is no longer a major requirement. It is much more important to choose the best NSW compensation lawyer than one that is close to you, at the end of the day having the best will mean more money in your pocket.
  3. How long the compensation firm has been operating and the results they have achieved for their clients is essential when selecting the best NSW compensation lawyer as this will give you an idea of what your chances are of winning the case and what level of compensation your likely to receive.
  4. Being able to talk with the boss is very important when selecting the best Sydney compensation lawyer. With many of the publicly listed firms, it’s challenging to talk to the boss if you’re not happy with the way your compensation claim is being handled. On the other end of the scale you don’t want to select a small firm that doesn’t have the resources and expertise to successfully complete your compensation claim and deliver you maximum compensation.
  5. Make sure they are compensation law specialist. It's important to choose a firm that only focuses on compensation claims. Some of the types of compensation claims are motor vehicle accident claims, workers' compensation claims, slip & fall, public liability, professional negligence, super claims and TPD claims 
  6. Make sure they will make your compensation claim on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. This is a must, as you won’t have to pay any monies upfront, only when you win and only from the result. You will never have any out of pocket expenses, which can deter many people from pursuing a compensation claim.
  7. Make sure they offer Lump sum fixed fee quotes as this gives you the certainty and peace of mind because you know right from the onset what our legal fees will be.
  8. Make sure they do not use a disbursement funder to pay for disbursements such as specialist appointments. Many firms spend up big on disbursements, all of which gets added to your bill. Even worse many firms borrow the money to fund the disbursements, so you end up paying double!.

If you’re looking for the best NSW compensation lawyer contact Firths on 1800 631 888 and we will review compensation claim free of charge and obligation and let you know if its worth fighting for.